Births, Slovenia, 2014

93 live born children in 2014 were born on their mother's birthday (out of a total of 21,165)

In 2014, 21,165 children were born, of these 58.3% to unmarried mothers. The mean age of the mother at all births was 30.6 years and at the first birth 29.1 years. The most popular name for boys was Luka and for girls Eva.

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The number of live births around the same number as a year before

In 2014, in Slovenia 21,165 children were born (10,928 boys and 10,237 girls), or approximately the same number as a year before (54 children more). The value of the basic indicator of fertility, which shows an average number of live births per 1,000 population, remained the same as in 2013: 10.3.

The total fertility rate, which is the average number of live born children per woman of childbearing age (at the present mortality rate and on the assumption that the woman will reach her 49th birthday), was 1.58 in 2014 or approximately the same as in 2012. Similar values were recorded at the end of the 1980s. In the last ten years the total fertility rate has been increasing but the fertility is still below the replacement rate.

After World War II, the mean age of a mother at first birth is every year higher. Mothers who gave birth in 2014 were on average 30.6 years old. Those who gave birth for the first time had on average 29.1 years. Compared to 2013, both mean ages increased by 0.1 year.

More than half (54.5%) of the women who gave birth in 2014 were aged 30 or more; teenagers (below 20) were rare, only 1,1%. As in the last few years, the most fertile group in 2014 were women aged 25­-29 years with on average 111 children per 1,000 women, followed by women aged 30-34 with 105 children per 1,000 women.

In Slovenia in 2014, on average 58 children were born per day. The fewest children were born on Sunday, 7 September (29), the most or three times as many (87) children on Monday, 14 July. On Saturdays and Sundays usually fewer children are born (12% or 11%), while during the week each day around 15% of children are born. 93 children were born on their mother's birthday, 8 mothers gave birth two times in 2014 (in the first and last months of the year). Three times in 2014 triplets were born and in 351 cases twins were born.

For the 16th consecutive year the most newborn boys were named Luka. The most newborn girls were named Eva. This combination was the most frequent in 2010 also. Among the top 50 girl names  two names changed their positions in the rank significantly over 2013; these were the names Sofia (from rank 66 to rank 48) and Mila (from rank 45 to rank 27). Among the top 50 boy names such names were Adam (from rank 73 to rank 50) and Bine (from rank 60 to rank 42).

Another year of natural increase

In Slovenia in 2014 a natural increase was recorded for the ninth consecutive year, when 2,279 people more were born than died. Compared to 2013 the natural increase increased by 502 persons. The value of natural increase per 1,000 population increased from 0.9 in 2013 to 1.1 in 2014. Data on natural increase by municipalities and regions are published on the SI-STAT Data Portal.

Total fertility rate, Slovenia
Total fertility rate, Slovenia
Source: SURS
Table 1: Live births, Slovenia
Total 21,11121,165
Live births per 1,000 population10.310.3
Mean age of mother at birth
  all live births30.530.6
  first birth2929.1
Total fertility rate1.551.58
Live births outside marriage (%)5858.3
Source: SURS
Table 2: Top 10 names of children born in 2014, Slovenia
Rank BoysGirls
Source: SURS
Table 3: Natural increase, Slovenia
Live births21,11121,165
Natural increase1,7772,279
Natural increase per 1,000 population0.91.1
Source: SURS
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