What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that the browser stores on your computer or device. Cookies help the browser navigate the website and cannot collect any information stored on your computer or in your files.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies are used by most websites as they are convenient to keep web contents relevant and fresh, which is in line with interests and preferences of each web user. There are several reasons for using cookies: the storage of data on the state of individual websites (details on adjustment of individual sites), support to the performance of various online services (e-commerce), and help to gather various statistics on the habits of web users - because this is the only way to monitor the frequency of visits of a certain website. Companies use cookies to evaluate the effectiveness of their websites' design as well as the adequacy of the types and number of advertisements on their websites.

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia uses cookies for analysing the visits to our website. Some cookies that we use are session cookies and last only until you close the browser, while others are permanent and remain in your computer for a longer time.

How can I reject and delete cookies?

Cookies are not used to collect personal data on you. However, you can, if you wish, reject or block cookies by Google Analytics or by websites of any third parties by changing your browser setup.

Links to instructions how to turn off cookies in your browser:

Information on the use of cookies in browsers of mobile phones and instructions how to reject or delete them can be found in the manual of your mobile phone.

You should know that if you refuse to use cookies you will still be able to visit our website but some of the functions might not operate properly.

Cookies used by our webiste

Cookie name Purpose Expiry Provider
ASPSESSIONID* Data on registration Until the end of the session Statistical Office
_pk_id Statistics of website views 2 years Piwik Analytics
_pk_ses Statistics of website views 30 minutes Piwik Analytics
_pk_ref Statistics of website views 6 months Piwik Analytics
_utma Statistics of website views 2 years Vimeo
_utmb Statistics of website views 30 minutes Vimeo
_utmc Statistics of webiste views Closing the browser Vimeo

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