For researchers

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) enables researchers to access data for the purpose of research, i.e. to all data collected with statistical surveys planned in the current annual programme of statistical surveys (LPSR). SURS also enables researchers to access data that researchers transmit to SURS with the purpose of linking them in a secure environment.

The use of the data is according to the data sensitivity in the following ways:

  • - Access in SURS's secure room
  • - Remote access
  • - Using statistically protected microdata via Big file exchange system (SOVD)

For researcher's access to data in the secure room or via remote access, SURS prepares individual microdata databases by removing identifiers. Via Big file exchange system (SOVD), researchers receive only statistically protected microdata that are the result of some statistical surveys conducted on a small sample. SURS enables researchers to access statistically unprotected aggregated data.

In addition, SURS can also transmit to researchers a limited set of individual data that they need for conducting surveys (name and family name, residence, year of birth and sex) but only in the form of a so-called sample of persons.

Researchers can also access methodological explanations and questionnaires for individual statistical surveys conducted by SURS. Selected examples of research analyses on national statistics are available on the website.

Researchers who use data or information produced by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia in their research papers, presentations, posters and other material, please take into account that you need to acknowledge the source and follow the guidelines for correct use of the emblem.

Individual data collected by national statistics for statistical processing are strictly confidential and can be used exclusively for statistical purposes, irrespective of whether they refer to natural or legal persons. Therefore, they have to be handled very carefully and responsibly, and any enabling of access to such data to researchers must be in line with National Statistics Act.
Public Use Files

Information on data access

Nataša Zidar (T: +386 1 241 52 80)
Danijel Bratušek (T: +386 1 234 08 72)
Procedure for granting access to data for research

For obtaining data access, researchers fill in the Form for obtaining microdata; they enter information on the statistical analysis or research, on the desired data, and on researchers that will access the data. Requests are handled by Committee for Researchers.