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Type of settlement is division of settlements into urban and non-urban.

Urban settlements
are determined on the basis of four criteria:

settlements with over 3,000 inhabitants;
settlements with 2,000–3,000 inhabitants and a surplus of workplaces;
settlements that are seats of municipalities and have at least 1,400 inhabitants and a surplus of workplaces;
suburban settlements that have fewer inhabitants but are being gradually spatially and functionally integrated with the city.

Non-urban settlements
are all other settlements that do not meet the criteria of urban settlements.

For all published data by administrative spatial breakdown of Slovenia in this publication and on SORS's web pages the territorial breakdown by the Standard Classification of Territorial Units (SKTE) as of 31 March 2002 was taken into account.

Data by MUNICIPALITES AT CENSUS are published in accordance with the territorial breakdown of municipalities according to the Act Amending the Establishment of Municipalities and Municipal Boundaries Act (ZUODNO-B, OJ RS No. 56/98 and ZUODNO-C, OJ RS No. 75/98).

In the section MUNICIPALITES, 2007 census data are published by municipalities according to territorial distribution as of 1 January 2007. In line with the Act of Establishment of Municipalities and Municipal Boundaries (Official Journal of RS No. 52/02, 27/06 and 61/06), 18 new municipalities have been established since the 2002 census. As of 1 January 2007 there are 210 municipalities in Slovenia. At the recalculation of the census data some other minor territorial changes were taken into account, such as the distribution of settlements between two municipalities and movement of settlements from one municipality to the other.

The data by statistical regions are published in accordance with the Decree on the Standard Classification of Territorial Units (OJ RS, No. 28/2000), issued on the basis of Article 31 of the National Statistics Act (OJ RS, No. 45/95).

Data on statistical regions, municipalities and settlements refer to the municipality of residence.

» Territorial units and house numbers by municipalities and statistical regions, detailed data, Slovenia, 30 June 2006 and 30 September 2006


First Release

PDF - 108 KB


  Basic data on the population, families, buildings and dwellings in Slovenia, and changes between the 1991 and 2002 censuses.

Rapid Reports, Population

Census data show that demographic characteristics of the population in Slovenia, its way of living and habitation are changing.


PDF - 0,95 MB

  Municicipalities overview

PDF - 2,16 MB

Censuses in Slovenia 1948–1991 and Census 2002

PDF - 5,23 MB

  Short analytical overview of the population, households and housing in Slovenia in words, pictures and figures.



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