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Definitons and explanations - FAMILIES

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A family is a community of persons within a private household. It is a:

community of parents (one or both) and unmarried children living with them or with one of the parents. The age of children is not limited, however they must not have their own families or live in consensual unions;
community of a married man and woman;
community of partners who live in a consensual union.

A consensual union is long-time community of a man and a woman who are not married. The marital status of partners is not important.

Type of family is a characteristic of a family regarding the position of a member within a family. Types of families are:

a married couple without children,
a married couple with children,
a mother with children,
a father with children,
unmarried partners without children,
unmarried partners with children.

Data on the number of families for the 1991 Census were recalculated so that families in which all members were residing abroad (migrant workers) are no longer taken into account.

Husband-wife family is a type of family comprised by a married couple without children or a married couple with children.

Ethnic composition of family is determined by the same or different ethnic affiliation of family members.


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First Release

PDF - 108 KB


  Basic data on the population, families, buildings and dwellings in Slovenia, and changes between the 1991 and 2002 censuses.

Rapid Reports, Population

Census data show that demographic characteristics of the population in Slovenia, its way of living and habitation are changing.


PDF - 0,95 MB

  Municicipalities overview

PDF - 2,16 MB

Censuses in Slovenia 1948–1991 and Census 2002

PDF - 5,23 MB

  Short analytical overview of the population, households and housing in Slovenia in words, pictures and figures.



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