Posavska Region


Source: www.gradovi.net

The Posavska statistical region had 4% of Slovenia’s population in 2016. In that year natural decrease was –1.8 per 1,000 population and net migration was –0.4 per 1,000 population. There were 37 students per 1,000 population in this region; this was close to the national average (39). The share of people living below the at-risk-of-poverty threshold was 14.5%, while the share of severely materially deprived persons was 10%. About a third of persons in employment in this region were working in another region. Average monthly net earnings (EUR 976) were around EUR 54 lower than the national average.

GDP per capita was EUR 16,202. A fifth of households have problems with environmental pollution. Posavska has the lowest share of people living in overcrowded dwellings (9%). Almost 661,400 tourist overnight stays were recorded in the Posavska region in 2016, which is almost 6% of all tourist overnight stays in the country. Passenger cars were among the oldest in the country (10.8 years). In 2016, the average size of an agricultural holding was 5.7 ha, which ranked the region second to last in front of Obalno-kraška. In 2016, 442 kg of municipal waste was generated per capita; and 61% of it was collected separately. Households in the region were supplied on average 24.6 m3 of water per capita from the public water supply, which ranks the region second to last in terms of water supply (in front of Zasavska).

Population pyramid
Indicators for year 2016 Region Slovenia
Density of population (per km2)78102
Total increase (per 1,000 population)-21
Mean age of population (years)4343
Registered unemployment rate (%)1311
Average age of passenger cars (years)1110
Data for year 2016 Region Slovenia
Area km296820,273
Number of persons in paid employment23,250824,485
Average monthly net earnings per person in paid employment (EUR)9761,030
Turnover of enterprises (1,000 EUR)3,587,31398,573,630