The Podravska statistical region had 16% of Slovenia’s population in 2016. The share of people aged 0–14 was among the second lowest (13.6%); it was lower only in the Pomurska statistical region. Compared to the previous year, in 2016 the population slightly decreased; natural increase was –1.4 per 1,000 population, and net migration was –0.1 per 1,000 population. The share of children born to unmarried mothers was among the highest (68%). The share of deaths before 65 years of age was the third highest in the country (19.6%). The share of people aged 25–64 years with tertiary education (25%) was below the national average and the share of students from the region studying in the Osrednjeslovenska statistical region was the lowest (21%). The unemployment rate (9.0%) was higher than the national average (8.0%).

The region generated 12.8% of the national GDP, but GDP per capita was the fifth lowest in the country. The region had slightly more than 26,100 enterprises with on average 4.5 persons employed. In 2016, 516 dwellings were completed, of which almost 80% new ones. In the Podravska statistical region around 579,800 overnight stays were generated in 2016, about two thirds by foreign tourists. 13% of foreign overnight stays were generated by tourists from Germany. In the region 469 kg of municipal waste per capita was generated and 71% of it was collected separately. The region is third in terms of the number of convicts per 1,000 population (3.9), had 10,990 agricultural holdings and on average 7.2 ha utilised agricultural area per agricultural holding.