Gorenjska Region


Source: Slovenian tourist board

The Gorenjska statistical region had 10% of Slovenia’s population in 2015. The region stood out with the highest share of people aged 0–14 (15.8%). The natural increase in the region was among the highest (1.9 per 1,000 population), while net migration was negative (–2 per 1,000 population). As regards the share of people with tertiary education (28%), the region was second in the country. The same applies as regards the unemployment rate (6.9%). Average monthly net earnings of persons employed in the region were below the national average (EUR 1,011). The share of people living below the at-risk-of-poverty threshold was lower in comparison with the other regions (13.3%).

On average, people living in the Gorenjska statistical region were among the most satisfied people in Slovenia (average assessment of 7.3 out of 10). The region had almost 19,000 enterprises with almost 69,000 persons employed. There were 57 high-growth enterprises or 9% of all high-growth enterprises in Slovenia. In 2015, GDP per capita was EUR 16,437 and thus lower than the average in the country. The number of dwellings per 1,000 population (388) was lower than the national average (410), while the number of dwellings reserved for seasonal or secondary use in this region was the largest (3,367). The Gorenjska statistical region had the highest number of beds in accommodation establishments (27,000). In 2015, almost 2 million overnight stays were generated, of which 79% by foreign tourists. In this region, the largest share of GDP was invested in environment protection (2% of regional GDP).
Population pyramid
Indicators for year 2015 Region Slovenia
Density of population (per km2)95102
Total increase (per 1,000 population)1
Mean age of population (years)4243
Registered unemployment rate (%)912
Average age of passenger cars (years)1010
Data for year 2015 Region Slovenia
Area km22,13720,273
Number of persons in paid employment250,180713,076
Average monthly net earnings per person in paid employment (EUR)1,0111,013
Turnover of enterprises (1,000 EUR)6,822,60895,298,760