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The Zasavska statistical region had 3% of Slovenia’s population in 2015. The share of people aged 0–14 was 14%, while the share of people aged 80+ was 5%. The natural decrease (–1.1 per 1,000 population) and negative net migration (–4.4 per 1,000 population) were recorded; net migration was the lowest in the country. People living in the Zasavska statistical region assessed their satisfaction with their lifes with 7.1 our of 10 (the same as the national average in 2015). 20% of persons who died in 2015 did not live to be 65. The share of children in kindergartens was the lowest in the country (68% of children of adequate age). The unemployment rate was the third highest in the country (10.8%). The share of persons in employment working in another region was the highest (49%); most of them worked in the Osrednjeslovenska statistical region.

In the Zasavska statistical region the BDP per capita was the lowest in the country (EUR 10,060). Industry contributed almost 42% to total regional value added. The region had almost 3,900 enterprises, and the average turnover per person working in the enterprise was the lowest in the country (EUR 68,743). In 2005, the fewest dwellings were built in this region (4%). The average floor area of dwellings was the smallest in the country (73 m2 ). The number of passenger cars per 1,000 population was also the lowest (482). The region was not very important in terms of tourism; almost 5,000 overnight stays of foreign tourists and almost 2,000 overnights stays of domestic tourists were recorded. In 2015, 335 kg of municipal waste per capita was generated, which was the least in Slovenija. 60% of municipal waste was collected separately which was slightly less than the national average (69%).
Population pyramid
Indicators for year 2015 Region Slovenia
Density of population (per km2)119102
Total increase (per 1,000 population)-51
Mean age of population (years)4443
Registered unemployment rate (%)1512
Average age of passenger cars (years)1010
Data for year 2015 Region Slovenia
Area km248520,273
Number of persons in paid employment11,981713,076
Average monthly net earnings per person in paid employment (EUR)9141,013
Turnover of enterprises (1,000 EUR)948,51595,298,760