This is the central and the most densely populated statistical region in Slovenia; it has the largest number of inhabitants and is the second largest in terms of territory. The essential advantages of the region are its central position, good traffic connections in all directions and the fact that the country’s capital is located in it.

As economically the most developed region, in 2012 it generated 27 times more GDP than the Zasavska region or more than a third of the national GDP. In 2012 Osrednjeslovenska recorded 98 new companies per 10,000 population (the highest number of new companies was recorded in Obalno-kraška, namely 113 per 10,000 population). At the same time this region had one of the highest five years survival rates of new companies (55%).

According to labour migration index (126.0) this region was very labouroriented. That Osrednjeslovenska is important as regards employment is confirmed also by the fact that the number of jobs in the region is much larger than the number of persons in employment living in it.

Earnings of persons employed in this region are the highest in the country: in 2013 the average net earnings in the country amounted to EUR 997, while in this region they were more than EUR 90 higher. The education potential of the region is also shown by the share of people with post-secondary education aged 25–64, which was the highest among regions.