The former land of the Counts of Celje is very diverse in terms of natural geography; it comprises mainly the wooded alpine world attractive for tourists (the Upper Savinja valley and the part of  the Kamnik – Savinja Alps), the fertile Lower Savinja valley with good conditions for growing hops, the Kozjansko hills and the Velenje basin with lignite deposits for the production of electricity.

In 2013 the Savinjska statistical region invested more than  EUR 127 mio. in environmental protection (the most of all regions). In 2013, 14% of enterprise births and 8% of enterprise deaths were recorded. Savinjska has good natural conditions for agriculture. In 2013 this region had more than 11,000 agricultural households, which is 15% of all agricultural holdings in Slovenia and ranks the Savinjska region right behind the Podravska region. As regards utilised agricultural area as well as livestock units, Savinjska also took second place.

This region is also a well-known and popular tourist destination. In 2012 tourist arrivals and overnight stays in this region represented 11.1% of all tourist arrivals in Slovenia and 15.0% of all overnight stays. On average tourists spent here four nights.