This statistical region of wooded hills and three river valleys lies in the northern part of the country along the border with Austria. As regards traffic, it is difficult to acces and is badly connected with the central part of Slovenia.

The environment has been strongly affected by the heavy industry in the valleys. The importance of agriculture in the region is shown by the fact agricultural holdings in Koroška are among the largest in the country both in terms of agricultural holding. More than 90% of agricultural holdings in Koroška are breeding livestock. Regarding the average age, managers of agricultural holdings in Koroška are the youngest (53 years); they are on average eight years younger than managers of agricultural holding in the Notranjsko – kraška region.

In 2013 the registered unemployment rate was higher as the national average. The difference between the registered unemployment rate for men and women was the highest, namely for women it was 7 percentage points higher than for men. The share of five years survivals among new enterprises was here the highest (59% of all new enterprises in 2012).