This is our most north – eastern and flat statistical region. Fertile soil, the continental climate and flat land provide good conditions for agriculture, which generated nearly 6 % of gross value added in 2012.

The region stands out above the number of agricultural holdings per 1,000 inhabitants. In 2013 the number of agricultural holdings was two times greater than country´s average. On the other hand, its geographical position deteriorates the economic position of this region and people´s living conditions, which reflects in the low GDP per capita (EUR 11.730 in 2012) and the lowest living conditions, which reflects in its low GDP per capita (EUR 9.130 in 2012).

The registered unemployment rate in 2013 was the highest in country (8.0 percentage points higher than in the region with the lowest unemployment rate.

Pomurska is one of the most tourist attractive Slovenian regions, since this region annually generates a tenth of total overnight stays in Slovenia. Health tourism, hunting and rural tourism at the wine trails, accompanied by the Mura river, contribute to the tourist recognation of the region.