The underground Karst world with the world famous Postojna Cave and the intermittent Cerknica Lake is the most important feature of this statistical region. As regards the area, this is one of the smallest regions in Slovenia; and it is the least densely populated, having 6 times lower population density than the Osrednjeslovenska region.

The Notranjsko-kraška region is among economically less developed in the country as in 2011 it contributed only 1.8% of Slovenia’s GDP. With on average 4 persons in paid employment, enterprises in the region are among smaller enterprises in the country. In 2011 agriculture in this region generated more than 7% of gross value added, which is one of the highest shares of gross value added by agriculture in individual region. In 2010 the average utilised agricultural area per agricultural holding was the largest here and in the Koroška region. Among all Slovene regions this one had the highest share of utilised agricultural area with organic farming per total utilised agricultural area in the region (16%).

The Notranjsko-kraška region had the highest employment rate (it was 61.1% in 2012), while the registered unemployment rate was among the lowest. And interesting in this region is also the fact that it had the highest share of women in tertiary education, namely 62% of all students in tertiary education.