Pomurska Region

This is our most north-eastern and flat statistical region. Fertile soil, the continental climate and flat land provide good conditions for agriculture.


Source: Archive TIC Moravske Toplice

Our most north-eastern and flat statistical region is characterised by agriculture. Fertile soil, the continental climate and flat land provide good conditions for field crops farming. 

Field crops cover more than 80% of total utilised agricultural area or twice as much as the national average. On the other hand, its geographical position deteriorates the economic position of this region and people’s living conditions, which reflects in its low GDP per capita (EUR 11,450 in 2010) and the lowest disposable income per capita (EUR 8,770 in 2010).

The registered unemployment rate remained the highest in the country (in 2011 it was 9 percentage points higher than in the region with the lowest rate), although Pomurska was the only region that recorded a decrease in the number of unemployed persons in 2011.

In the same year the population decreased too, again due to negative natural increase, which was the highest in the county. Pomurska also had the highest share of three-generation households; namely, in every tenth household children, parents and grandparents were living together.

Pomurska is one of the more tourist attractive Slovenian regions, since this region annually generates a tenth of total overnight stays in Slovenia. Health tourism, hunting and rural tourism at the wine trails, accompanied by the Mura River, contribute to the tourist recognition of the region. 

Population pyramid
Indicators for year 2011 Region Slovenia
Density of population (per km2)89101
Total increase (per 1,000 population)-13
Mean age of population (years)4342
Registered unemployment rate (%)1812
Average age of passenger cars (years)98
Data for year 2011 Region Slovenia
Area km21,33720,273
Number of persons in paid employment32,045729,050
Average monthly net earnings per person in paid employment (EUR)883987
Turnover of enterprises (1,000 EUR)2,465,32390,789,676