Very good traffic accessibility, fertile river valleys of Sava and Krka, the hilly areas of vineyards and the abundance of water are the characteristics of the second smallest statistical region in Slovenia. The only nuclear power plant in the country and the thermal riviera at the Čate‘ health resort are its main features.

In 2009 the industry sector again created a slightly higher share of gross value added than services. Agriculture is also important here since it contributed around 5% of gross value added.

In 2010, the employment population ratio in the region was around the national average. It was characterized by the largest difference between the employment rate for men and for women (for men it was 14 percentage points higher than for women).

Spodnjeposavska is a popular destination for domestic tourists since in 2010 they generated around 56% of all overnight stays in the region. Hotels and similar tourist establishments were very well occupied both in the summer and winter seasons of 2010. However, they represented a third of accommodation facilities in the region. General libraries in the Spodnjeposavska region have the fewest members per 1,000 population – on average 90 members fewer than in the Goriška region. However, the share of members among the youth was in 2010 the highest in the country (37%). Scholarships are also very common; in 2010 every second pupil and every third student was receiving a scholarship.