The underground Karst world with the world famous Postojna Cave and the intermittent Cerknica Lake is the most important feature of this statistical region. As regards the area, this is one of the smallest regions in Slovenia; and it is the least densely populated, having 6 times lower population density than the Osrednjeslovenska region.

The Notranjsko-kraška region is among economically less developed in the country as in 2009 it contributed only 1.8% of Slovenia’s GDP. Enterprises in the region generate around 1% of the total turnover of all Slovenian enterprises. They employ 2% of all persons employed and are with only 4 persons in paid employment on average among smaller enterprises in the country.

This region has the highest employment rate in the country (in 2010 62.8%). The highest among regions is also the employment rate of young people – in the beginning of 2011 almost half of men and more than a third of women aged 15–29 were employed. For each employed person in the region there were 1.34 persons who were unemployed, inactive or younger than 15 years of age.

Typical for this region is also a large share of inter-regional labour migrants. At the end of 2010 a third of employed persons worked in the neighbouring regions. As regards the number of passenger cars per 1,000 population, Notranjsko-kraška ranks third in the country, which shows that people in the region are among the most mobile in Slovenia.