The underground Karst world with the world famous Postojna Cave and the intermittent Cerknica Lake is the most important feature of this region. As regards the area, this is one of the smallest regions in Slovenia; and it is the least densely populated, having 6 times lower population density than the Osrednjeslovenska region.

A high population growth rate is mainly a result of immigration. In 2009 most of the new inhabitants immigrated from abroad and according to data for mid-2009 every twentieth inhabitant in the region was a foreign national. The Notranjsko-kraška region is among economically less developed in the country as in 2008 it contributed only 1.9% of Slovenia’s GDP. Enterprises in the region generate only 1% of the entire turnover of all Slovenian enterprises. They employ only 2% of all persons employed and are with only 5 persons in paid employment on average among smaller enterprises in the country.

Even though the employment rate was in 2009 with 64.9% the highest in the country, a large number of people from Notranjsko-kraška worked in the neighbouring regions.

Since the number of passenger cars per 1,000 population is very high compared to other regions, people in the region are among the most mobile in the country. On the other hand, Notranjsko-kraška has three times lower road network density than the Podravska region. In 2008, the area of one square-kilometre in Notranjsko-kraška was covered by less than 1 km of public roads.