The region of wooded hills and three river valleys lies in the northern part of the country along the border with Austria. As regards traffic, it is difficult to access and is badly connected with the central part of Slovenia. 

The environment has been strongly affected by the heavy industry in the valleys. Manufacturing, mining and quarrying created the highest share of gross value added in the region in 2007. The importance of agriculture in the region is presented by the largest agricultural holdings in terms of their average economic size, in terms of utilised agricultural area and in terms of the number of livestock units. Agriculture is the only or the principal activity for a quarter of persons who live on family farms in the region; on the other hand, more family farms than in other regions are dealing also with other gainful activities.

Population in Koroška is ageing slower than in the majority of regions since it has the lowest share of people aged 65 or more. In 2008 the value of the ageing index, which describes the ratio between the population aged 65 or more and the population aged under 15, was in Koroška 110.9, meaning that there were 111 older people per 100 young people. In 2008 the share of firstborns was the lowest in the country, while two thirds of children were born to unmarried parents.