The coastal region with the submediterranean climate is the only one with an exit to the sea. Natural features enable the development of tourism, transport and special agricultural crops.

Around three quarters of gross value added are created by services. In 2007 almost a fifth of gross value added was created by transport, activities in the Port of Koper representing the highest share. The shares of hotels and restaurants and of coastal and spa tourism in the total gross value added are higher than in other regions. The Obalno-kraška region recorded a quarter of all tourist overnights in the country in 2008; almost a half by domestic tourists. As regards foreign tourists, Italians, Austrians and Germans predominate. Agricultural holdings in this region were among the smallest in Slovenia both in terms of utilised agricultural area and in terms of the number of livestock units. Almost a half of agricultural holdings grow permanent crops, which are the most important ones within utilised agricultural area compared to other regions in Slovenia. According to the changes in the use of agricultural area from 2003 to 2007 the role of agriculture is improving since the agricultural area increased by almost 50%.

In 2008 the most intensive construction of dwellings took place in this region with more than 7 dwellings per 1,000 population, mainly new constructions.