International Marketing and Output DataBase Conference 2016, Gozd Martuljek, September 18 - 22

Welcome to the IMAODBC 2016 Website

This conference draws together international experts from national statistical offices and international organizations to facilitate a productive exchange on current trends, new ideas and upcoming technologies on the user-oriented dissemination of statistics, with particular focus on Internet.

What is IMAODBC?

The International Marketing and Output Data Base Conference (IMAODBC) organization was created in 2001 to join together earlier independent seminars on marketing and output databases. This community of practitioners facilitates the ongoing and regular exchange of views and experiences on developments in the dissemination of statistical information, with particular emphasis on the Internet.

The IMAODBC community of practice forum includes presentations and discussions on the marketing of and access to statistical data. Sessions also address mutual challenges and opportunities with a focus on needs of statistical data users and information made available on the Internet, in particular.

What is the IMAODBC membership?

  • The annual meeting is limited in size, by design, to allow for discussion and candor.
  • The number of invited countries represented is 20-25; the audience size generally 40-50.
  • All presentations and discussions are offered in English only, with no translation.

What is the IMAODBC format?

The Conference includes individual country reports covering 4 slides, appr. 10 min. presentations (no demos) highlighting organisational changes and topical issues (if relevant) plus one-two successes, one failure and / or challenge in the dissemination and marketing of statistical data via the Internet.

The remainder working Conference sessions are devoted to topical sessions, each presided over by a discussant and including four to five papers, ranging from discussion of enhancements to content and searchability, to meeting new challenges in dissemination systems, to developments with data visualization tools and more.