Enterprises, Slovenia, 2019

In 2019, 205,139 enterprises, 2.5% more than in the previous year

In 2019, 2.5% more enterprises operated in Slovenia than in the previous year. The shares of enterprises, persons employed and turnover were the largest in enterprises in the Osrednjeslovenska statistical region.

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As in 2018, in 2019 all business indicators were growing: more enterprises, more persons employed, higher turnover
In 2019, 205,139 enterprises were operating in Slovenia. They employed 940,948 people and generated EUR 121,357 million of turnover. The values of all the above data were higher than in the previous year: the number of enterprises went up by 2.5%, the number of persons employed by 2.9% and turnover by 3.7%. The number of enterprises increased the most in real estate activities (by 10.4%), the number of persons employed in water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities (by 9.1%) and turnover in financial and insurance activities (by 11.8%). 

Enterprises in manufacturing employed the most persons employed
The share of persons employed was the largest in manufacturing (23.4%), followed by enterprises in trade, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles (13.0%) and enterprises in education (8.1%). 
The largest share of turnover was generated by companies
In 2019, 56.5% of enterprises in Slovenia were natural persons and 43.5% were legal persons. Companies generated the most turnover (85.9%), followed by other legal persons (8.2%) and natural persons (5.9%). 

The shares of enterprises, persons employed and turnover the largest in the Osrednjeslovenska region
Most enterprises were registered in the Osrednjeslovenska region (34.0%), which also had the most persons employed (39.1%), and recorded the highest turnover (45.8%). The Podravska and Savinjska regions followed. All three shares were the lowest in the Zasavska region. 

Annual growth rate of selected data for enterprises, Slovenia
Annual growth rate of selected data for enterprises, Slovenia
Source: SURS
Turnover by legal forms, Slovenia, 2019
Turnover by legal forms, Slovenia, 2019
Source: SURS
Number and share of enterprises, persons employed and turnover by statistical regions, 2019
EnterprisesPersons employedTurnover
number%number%mio EUR%
Total - enterprises205,139100.0940,948100.0121,357100.0
Statistical regions
Jugovzhodna Slovenija10,8315.354,4245.88,0676.6
Footnote: the totals of persons employed and turnover do not match due to rounding.
Source: SURS
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