Tourism travels of domestic population, 2nd quarter 2023

Almost 2 million tourist trips in spring

In the 2nd quarter, residents of Slovenia aged 15 or more went on 1.9 million tourist trips, 1.7 million of them private. There were more trips abroad. On private trips half of tourists stayed in hotels or with friends and relatives. 

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Two in five residents went on a private trip

In April, May and June, 730,000 Slovenian residents (41%) aged 15 or more made at least one tourist trip (private and/or business). The share of participants was the same as in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

According to the level of education, the largest share of those who travelled completed upper secondary education (44%), and the lowest completed basic education and less (17%). Depending on their status, employed and self-employed travelled the most (65%), followed by retirees (18%). 

In the observed period, 696,000 residents of Slovenia (40%) went on a private trip. There were 1.7 million private trips made during this period, which is more than in the same quarter the year before. More than a half (55%) of private trips were made abroad, where neighbouring countries were visited the most. 

Tourists on private trips generated a fifth more overnight stays

Around 6 million overnight stays were generated on private trips, 70% of them abroad. In total, 19% more overnight stays were generated than in the comparable period last year.

In the selected period, private trips in Slovenia lasted on average 2.3 overnight stays, those abroad almost twice as long. Residents on private trips spent on average EUR 91 per day. Daily expenses on private trips in Slovenia amounted to EUR 61 per day and abroad EUR 103. 

The largest share of tourists on private trips in Slovenia preferred to stay with their friends and relatives (35%) and abroad in hotels and similar accommodations (27%). The data show that 11% of overnight stays of domestic tourists abroad were made in own holiday homes, while in Slovenia the share was 31%.

In spring months three in five residents did not go on a private trip 

30% of those who did not make a private trip in April, May and June stated household finance as their main reason for skipping travel. A quarter of domestic tourists were deterred by lack of free time, 18% did not feel the need to travel, while for 16% health reasons were the cause. 

Expenses of same-day visitors lower

12% of domestic tourists made at least one same-day visit abroad in the 2nd quarter. Slovenian residents generated around 472,000 same-day visits abroad, more than 80% of them private. Residents allocated the majority of their expenses for shopping and transport, and on average spent EUR 87 per day. 

Tables with the latest data are available in the SiStat Database
Private trips in Slovenia and abroad, Slovenia
Private trips in Slovenia and abroad, Slovenia
Share of pivate overnight stays by means of accommodation, Slovenia, 2nd quarter 2023
Share of pivate overnight stays by means of accommodation, Slovenia, 2<sup>nd</sup> quarter 2023
Structure of expenditures on private trips, Slovenia, 2nd quarter 2023
Structure of expenditures on private trips, Slovenia, 2<sup>nd</sup> quarter 2023

In 2023 there was a change in data collection. Compared to the 2021–2022 period, there was an increase in the share of answers collected via the online questionnaire and a decrease in the number of answers collected via telephone.

Additional explanations are available in the methodological explanations.

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