Government Expenditure by Function, 2021

The largest share of government expenditure for social protection and health

In 2021, general government expenditure in Slovenia amounted to 49.3% of GDP. More than half was spent for social protection (17.9% GDP) and health (8.1% of GDP).

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Government expenditure highest for social protection: 17.9% of GDP

Compared to the year before, expenditure went up by 6.5% in nominal terms, to EUR 9,335 million. As in 2020, in the second year of the COVID-19 epidemic the main reason for the increase was social benefits paid due to the epidemic.
Of total government expenditure for social protection, over a half was spent for old age (which relates mainly to old age pensions); this expenditure increased by 4.8%, to EUR 5,424 million. Expenditure for sickness and disability increased by 18.1%, to EUR 1,360 million, while expenditure for family and children went up by 13.6%, to EUR 1,059 million. Due to lower unemployment, the expenditure for unemployment decreased by 18.8 % to EUR 234 million.

8.1% of GDP spent for health

For health, EUR 4,250 million was spent. Compared to 2020, expenditure increased in nominal terms by 13.5% or EUR 505 million. The main reason for the increase was hospital services; expenditure for these went up the most, by EUR 150 million.

Expenditure on economic affairs down from 8.1% to 6.8% of GDP

Expenditure decreased by EUR 221 million from 2020 to 2021. The expenditure level was still affected by the measures undertaken in response to the epidemic: the expenditure measures shown in this function were subsidies paid for general economic affairs and to support the labour market; these were halved compared to the year before (from EUR 1,438 million to EUR 735 million), while tourist voucher payments increased (from EUR 128 million to 227 million).

16.4% of GDP spent for other functions

For education, 5.7% of GDP was spent. Expenditure went up nominally by 10.6%, to EUR 2,960 million. 
5.2% of GDP was spent for general public services. The main category of general public services refers to public debt transaction (interest payment); compared to 2020, expenditure decreased by 14.0%, to EUR 674 million.
For public order and safety, 1.8% of GDP was spent, for recreation, culture and religion 1.4% of GDP and for defence 1.2% of GDP. In addition, 0.7% of GDP was spent for environmental protection, and 0.5% of GDP for housing and communities amenities.

Tables with the latest data are available in the SiStat Database.

General government expenditure by function, Slovenia
General government expenditure by function, Slovenia
General government expenditure by function, Slovenia
mio. EUR
General public services2,4642,5242,5052,708
Public order and safety702775821914
Economic affairs2,1602,2123,7953,574
Environment protection248275299345
Housing and community amenities206201273283
Recreation, culture and religion648673682748
Social protection7,6107,9688,7659,335
General government social protection expenditure, Slovenia
mio. EUR
Sickness and disability9789851,1521,360
Old age4,5544,7655,1745,424
Family and children8268969321,059
Social exclusion n.e.c.381434490501
R&D Social protection0001
Social protection n.e.c.76757676
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