Dwellings, 1 January 2021

The number of occupied dwellings up

On 1 January 2021, there were 864,300 dwellings in Slovenia, four fifths of them occupied. Two thirds of the total population lived in one- or two-dwelling houses. In the 2011–2021 period, 36,400 dwellings were built, the vast majority of them (87%) owned by natural persons.

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More occupied dwellings

On 1 January 2021, there were 864,300 dwellings in Slovenia (2018: 852,200). 698,700 were occupied (2018: 680,000). 60% of occupied dwellings were located in one- or two-dwelling houses, and 66% of the total population lived in them. The remaining 40% of occupied dwellings were in three or more dwelling buildings and other buildings in which 31% of the population lived. 3% of the population lived in collective living quarters or other forms of accommodation. The average useful floor space per person was 29.6 m2 (2018: 29.0 m2).

Share of new constructions higher on the outskirts of cities

In the last decade (2011–2021), 36,400 dwellings were built. Almost 70% (25,100) of them were located in one- or two-dwelling houses. On average, these dwellings had 131 m2 of useful floor space. Newly built dwellings in three or more dwelling buildings and other buildings (11,300) had 63 m2 of useful floor space. The vast majority of new dwellings are owned by natural persons (87%). As of 1 January 2021, legal entities belonging to the public sector owned 5% of dwellings built after 2010, while the remaining 8% of new dwellings were owned by private legal entities. The map shows the share of new dwellings by municipalities and we can see that it is slightly higher in municipalities on the outskirts of larger cities. 


Most of the dwellings in Slovenia owned by natural persons

It is typical of Slovenia that most dwellings are owner-occupied. Of all dwellings, 92.1% were owned by natural persons. Public sector legal entities owned 5.2% of dwellings, while the rest was owned by private companies and other institutions.
Almost 79% of occupied dwellings (2018: 80.8%) were occupied by the owners of these dwellings and their family members. 9% were rented dwellings (2018: 7.7%) and 12% were user dwellings (2018: 11.5%).

The number of unoccupied dwellings slightly lower

According to the census data, on 1 January 2021 there were up to 165,600 unoccupied dwellings in Slovenia (2018: 172,200). More than 27,000 unoccupied dwellings did not have a house number (which is a prerequisite for registering residence). Among them were about 10,000 one- or two-dwelling houses built after 1970, which had all the basic infrastructure but no house number. If the owner of such an (officially unoccupied) house is registered in an older house in the immediate vicinity, we can conclude that these are newer houses or extensions and that at least a certain proportion of them are likely to be occupied. For all the above reasons, the stated number of unoccupied dwellings represents the upper limit. Almost half of the unoccupied dwellings were either old (built before 1945) or without one or more elements of basic infrastructure (toilets, bathrooms, heating, electricity, plumbing).

Tables with the latest data are available in the SiStat Database in topic Dwellings.

Population by type of buliding and accommodation, Slovenia, 1 January 2021
Population by type of buliding and accommodation, Slovenia, 1 January 2021
Dwellings by construction period and by occupation status, Slovenija, 1 January 2018
Before 19461946–19701971–19901991–20102011 and laterTotal
Footnote: (1) wellings for seasonal an secondary use are counted as nonoccupied

With the change in legislation on 1 January 2018, the reporting obligations in the ETN (Real Estate Market Register, SURS) were transferred from owners-natural persons to the Financial Administration (FURS). As FURS reports on renting based on tax forms for renting out property, significantly more transactions are recorded than previously reported to the ETN by natural persons themselves.

Final detailed data are already available SiStat Database , so the release Dwellings, detailed data, 1 January 2021, announced for 8 September 2022, will not be published.

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