Cultural activities on the stage, Slovenia, 2020

In 2020, cultural institutions prepared on their stages on average 31 performances per day, in 2019 on average 68

In 2019, houses of culture, theatres and music institutions prepared 11,222 performances, which were attended by around 1.5 million visitors; the cultural production was diminished by 45%.

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The covid-19 pandemic severely hampered cultural activity on stage in 2020

Almost 98% of cultural institutions with stage activity reported about the impact of the pandemic crisis in 2020; at the same time, around 71% also said that the situation encouraged other forms of activity. In addition, the vast majority of these institutions (around 86%) had fewer tours of own performances in 2020 than planned; only 7 institutions reported the increase of tours with their own events. The number of tours in 2020 was 3,617, representing only close to 47% of the tours in 2019.

Around 69% of cultural centres, theatres and music institutions further reported that they had hired fewer external collaborators in 2020, and more than 28% that the corona crisis had no impact on the number of their external associates involved in performing stage activities; at 4 cultural institutions, the number of collaborators increased. The number of external associates of all cultural institutions with stage activity decreased from 13,319 in 2019 to 9,168 in 2020.

Almost 4,000 e-events 

In 2019, cultural institutions performed 11,222 events (premieres and repeats) on their stages: half of the events were the result of their own production and co-production and the remaining were hosted events. As expected, most  (75%) events were performed in houses of culture and cultural centres, 24% in theatres and both operas, whereas music institutions, which mostly had their own performances elsewhere, produced the remaining one percent of all events. More than half of all performances were own productions of the cultural institutions.

This year was the first time we asked cultural institutions about the number of e-events prepared for the virtual space. Our data show that the total production of virtual events in 2020 was around 35% of the production of performances on the stage in the cultural institutions themselves. In other words: in addition to the 11,222 events offered in the premises of cultural centres, theatres and music institutions, 3,974 e-events for the virtual space were prepared as well.

Among all events, the largest number of events were film and video projections (27.9%), followed by drama and other theatre works (i.e. drama and other theatre works, puppet and experimental theatre performances) which include dramatic and other theatrical works, puppet shows and experimental theatre performances (27.6%).

1.49 million visitors

In 2020 there were 1,492,240 visitors to the performances, and each performance averaged with 133 visitors.

Some cultural institutions offered also free-of-charge events to visitors, namely 26% or 2,906 in 2020, mostly in houses of culture. With paid events, however, the institutions earned around EUR 5.3 million; the average ticket price for a performance was EUR 9.80: in houses of culture EUR 9.40, in theatres EUR 9.90 and in music institutions EUR 16.20.


In 2020, cultural institutions organized 174 festivals, which featured 2,129 events. The majority of them were music and dance festivals (70), 26 were theatre festivals and 20 film festivals, while the remaining 58 festivals – i.e. half of all festival performances – were classified by cultural institutions as "other". Houses of culture and cultural centres prepared the majority of festivals (139).

Staff in cultural institutions
In 2020, these institutions employed 2,627 persons and there were 9.168 external associates as well.  Compared to 2019, the number of employees increased by 9 people, while the number of external collaborators decreased by more than 31%.

Among external associates the largest share were the self-employed in culture (26%) followed by voluntary, unpaid workers (22%) and by associates with contracts for copyright work (21%).

Access for the physically, visually and hearing impaired

Among cultural institutions that had their own premises for performing cultural activities, 57% had access arranged for physically impaired persons, and 35% had it partly arranged. The access of visually and hearing impaired persons was arranged only in 15% of these institutions, and partly arranged in 31%; these persons were completely ignored in the remaining 54% of cultural institutions.

Tables with the latest data are available in the SiStat Database.


Performances, attendance productions, Slovenia
Performances (premieres and repeats) - total25,10924,91411,222
  own productions, incl. co-productions11,56712,4956,033
  on tours of other institutions13,54212,4205,188
  free of charge performances4,7535,3572,906
New productions - total6,3656,7114,309
  in co-production with domestic co-producers3,3033,6632,869
  in co-production with foreign co-producers621681220
All productions - total10,32111,6826,817
  Slovene works only5,0895,6843,626
Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
Tours of own performances, Slovenia
  in Slovenia6,4166,8153,337
  in the EU984754238
  in other countries (excl. the EU)27518943
Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
Festivals and performances, Slovenia
  music and dancing116108701,1871,040706
Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
Employees and external associates, Slovenia
Employees - total2,6732,6182,627
  less than 35 years old419449409
  full-time jobs2,5382,4832,517
  part-time jobs135135110
External associates - total13,46513,3199,168
  self-employed professionals in culture2,4262,8212,398
  sole proprietors1,3311,3631,164
  agency workers and workers of limited liability companies387244201
  under a work contract165157167
  under a contract for a copyrighted work3,3263,1181,951
Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
COVIC-19 impact on cultural activity on the stage, Slovenia
Number of cultural institutions
Diminished activity: yes156
Diminished activity: no4
Encouragement of other activities: yes114
Encouragement of other activities: no47
Tours of own performances: yes, fewer138
Tours of own performances: no change16
Tours of own performances: yes, more7
Performances in tours of other institutions: yes, fewer136
Performances in tours of other institutions: no change25
Performances in tours of other institutions: yes, more-
Number of external associates: yes, fewer110
Number of external associates: no change46
Number of external associates: yes, more4
Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
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