Labour Force Survey Results, Slovenia, ad hoc modul, 3rd quarter 2020

Accidents at work and other work-related health problems in 2020

The share of accidents among the employed persons in 2020 was 1%. Slightly more employed persons (4.6%) aged 15-64 had work-related health problems.

  • 31 March 2021 at 10:30
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In the 3rd quarter of 2020, in the Labour Force Survey we implemented an ad-hoc module on accidents at work and other work-related health problems. The survey covered 3 sub-modules: accidents at work, work-related health problems, and risk factors for adverse physical and/or psychological health effects.
The ad-hoc module with the same content was previously implemented in 2007 and 2013. Data collected in different periods help us to understand the dynamics of health problems at work over a longer period.

Accidents at work
The share of persons that reported accident at work has decreased compared to previous reference periods. In 2007, 3.8% of employed persons aged 15–64 had an accident at work. In 2013, the share was 2.6% and in 2020 only 1%.
For more than a third of those who were involved in accidents in 2020, the accident was a smaller one, causing them to be absent from work for less than a day. For 18%, absence from work lasted from 4 to 13 days.

Work-related health problems
In 2020, 4.6% persons aged 15–64 had work-related health problems. The share refers to all employed persons in the period of 12 months before the reference week. However, health problems started or worsened due to the work they were doing. In 2013, the share of such persons was 5.4%, which is 0.8 percentage points more than in 2020.

The most serious work-related health problem in 2020 was problems with bones, joints or muscles; 61% of employed persons with problems, aged 15-64 had such problems. In the case of bone, joint or muscle problems, for more than a half of persons the problems were related to the back area. The second most serious problem for 17% of those who suffered any kind of work-related health problems was stress, depression or anxiety.
Similar shares were recorded in 2013: 57% reported problems with bones, joints or muscles and 19 % suffered from stress, depression or anxiety.

Work-related risk factors
At work, we face both physical and mental risks that can have consequences for our health. In 2020, a third of employed persons did not face any physical risks that would have consequences for their health. For approximately 23% of employed persons the risk factor was awkward or forced posture, for 12% it was moving heavy loads and for 8% a strong load on vision.

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