Consumer price indices, detailed data, Slovenia, December 2020

New in the SiStat Database: Consumer price indices, detailed data, December 2020

Detailed data on consumer price indices for December 2020 are published in the SiStat Database.

  • 6 January 2021 at 10:30
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Data on consumer price indices, published in the First Release of 30 December 2020, are published at a more detailed level in the SiStat Database.

Due to the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic, SURS is again faced with difficulties in data collection.

In December 2020, we collected retail prices of non-food goods and services to a greater extent by phone and through the websites of providers. Higher quality of the indices was ensured by using scanner data, as we continue to obtain them weekly.

Where prices could not be collected or services were not provided, data were compiled in accordance with Eurostat recommendations, so in some subgroups the published indices are less reliable than usual. The missing prices were imputed by using the price changes of similar products. In some cases, where there are reasons to expect that the prices will be the same once the situation will revert back to normal, the carry forward method was used. For series with seasonal patterns (package holidays and some accommodation services), imputation with monthly change of the previous year was used. The share of imputed data represents 10.6% of the total harmonised index of consumer prices and 9.8% of the total consumer price index. A detailed overview of the subgroups where the indices are less reliable and what method was used can be found here.

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