SiStat database, beta version

We published the beta version of the SiStat Database

The redesign of the SiStat Database is entering its final stage of development in 2020. A beta version is already available. Today, the SiStat Database provides users with access to around 3,500 tables with more than a billion data points.

  • 9/9/2020
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We are almost at the end with the redesign and upgrade of the SiStat Database that began in 2018. Since the last (temporary) redesign in May 2019, we have completely overhauled and simplified the entire internal process of publishing tables to the database to improve the quality and reliability of published data. As a result, we have reduced the possibility of errors. 

In the latest version, we have also redesigned the landing page and the PX-Web tool into a more modern look, which is now more visually in line with our other products. 

The redesign brings a better user experience, prioritizing the content that we think matters to you the most. We have divided the data into 21 areas, allowing a better overview of the different statistical domains. We have also included an advanced search engine that provides an additional approach to finding data.

In addition, we have adapted the redesigned SiStat Database for vulnerable groups. The database allows these users to navigate using only the keyboard. We have also adjusted the colour contrast in a way that enables better visibility of the content. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the user experience of all users of our data.

The beta version is currently available online and is upgraded and improved daily. At this point, we ask you to look at it and let us know your opinions and suggestions for improvements, which we will try to implement to the fullest. You can do this by writing us an e-mail to
Visit our SiStat database.