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Consumer price indices, detailed data, Slovenia, June 2020

New in the SiStat Database: Consumer price indices, detailed data, June 2020

Detailed data on consumer price indices for June 2020 are published in the SiStat Database.

  • 7/7/2020
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  • final data
Data on consumer price indices, published in the First Release of 30 June 2020, are published at a more detailed level in the SiStat Database.
Data in June is in contrast with April and May gathered traditionally. Meaning that index calculation was carried out the same way as in the period before epidemic. In compliance with Eurostat recommendations, data adjustments were made only for non-available services. In our case they were passenger transport by air and some package holidays. For this groups imputation with monthly change of the previous year was used. Share of adjusted data in June is 2.6% of total consumer price index and 1.4% of harmonised index of consumer prices. A detailed overview of the subgroups where the indices are less reliable and what method was used can be found here.

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