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Transport, Slovenia, April 2020

In port traffic, 41% less goods handled than in April 2019

Measures to stop the coronavirus epidemic were strongly felt by entire transport. Public passenger transport and traffic have been paralyzed by them. In April 2020, no passengers were carried in road public regular transport, while airport and port passenger transport decreased by 99%.

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Interurban and international passenger transport by coaches and buses
On 16 March 2020, the Government Ordinance on the Restriction of Public Transport of Passengers in the Republic of Slovenia entered into force. Public passenger transport ceased to carry passengers after that date until measures to contain the coronavirus epidemic began to be eased for passenger transport as well.

In air transport more goods handled than in April 2019

In April 2020, only 190 passengers travelled through Ljubljana Jože Pučnik 99% fewer than in April 2019. On the other hand, 13% more goods were handled than in April 2019.

In port traffic less goods handled than a year ago
Just 5 passengers were recorded in Slovenian ports in  April 2020, 99% fewer than in April 2019. 
In the port of Koper more than 1 million tonnes of goods were handled in April 2020, 41% less than in April 2019.

In Slovenia fewer motor vehicles registered for the first time than in April 2019
In April 2020, about 4,500 road motor vehicles were registered for the first time in Slovenia, about 65% fewer than in April 2019. Almost 2,900 passenger cars were registered for the first time, 69% fewer than in April 2019. Of these, 1,800 were new, 71% fewer than in April 2019.

More detailed data are available in the SiStat Database.

Container port traffic, Slovenia
Container port traffic, Slovenia
Sources: SURS, SMA
The selected data of transport, Slovenia
IV 2020I–IV 2020IV 2020
IV 2019 
I–IV 2020
I–IV 2019
Road transport
Passengers in public scheduled transport (1,000)1)2)3)06,6010.062.4
Passenger-km in public scheduled transport (mio)1)2)3)01160.057.5
Passengers in urban scheduled transport (1,000)3)012,6220.058.7
Road cross-border entries of passengers from Croatia (1,000)1294,4055.959.8
Road cross-border entries of passenger vehicles from Croatia (1,000)651,9816.960.6
Road motor vehicles, registered for the first time4,51931,64634.863.1
Passenger cars, registered for the first time2,91824,56731.264.6
Maritime transport
Traffic of passengers in ports2)5590.10.7
Traffic of goods in ports (1,000 t)2)1,1466,32858.281.3
Air transport
Traffic of passengers at airports (1,000)2)0.2191.50.138.3
Traffic of goods at airports (1,000 t)2)1.13.4113.088.3
1) Urban scheduled public transport is not included.
2) Data are provisional.
3) The data on passengers and passenger-km in public scheduled transport and data on passengers in urban scheduled transport from September 2016 on have been partly estimated due to the introduction of a new integrated public transport system (IJPP) and the new system of subsidised tickets for public transport (the estimates were prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure).
Source: SURS
Data on road public scheduled transport for the last 12 months are provisional. With each release the data for the last 12 months can be corrected and supplemented with new data. 

Port traffic data for the current year are provisional. The final data will be published at the end of July, with an annual release.
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