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Earnings of persons in paid employment by legal persons, detailed data, Slovenia, March 2020

New in the SiStat Database: Average earnings in Slovenia for March 2020

Detailed, final data on average earnings in Slovenia for March 2020 are published in the SiStat Database.

  • 5/25/2020
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  • final data

Final data on average earnings for March 2020 presented at a more detailed level 
March 2020 data on average earnings, published as provisional in the First Release of 21 May 2020, are published as final in the SiStat Database at a more detailed level – by statistical regions, administrative units, municipalities and activities. There we also publish data on average monthly earnings by collective and individual contracts for persons employed by legal persons that are not budget users and data on the estimated number of persons employed by budget users who received the difference to the minimum wage.


Due to the coronavirus epidemic, SURS is faced with difficulties in data collection, checking and processing. In this situation SURS continues to be obliged to timely publication of data, but due to the mentioned reasons the data published in this release are of slightly lower quality and less reliable than usually. 

Due to the higher non-response rate, letters M (less reliable estimate – use with caution) or N (too unreliable estimate to be published) could flag certain data series. 

More detailed information on methodological changes during the coronavirus epidemic can be found in the updated Methodological Explanation.

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