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Young people are the most satisfied

Compared to other generations, young people are generally more satisfied with life, finances and work.

  • 5/18/2020
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In April 2020 we issued another Stat’o’book, the 2020 edition, presenting selected data from all areas on which we are publishing the data. 

We also checked how Slovenian residents were satisfied with life in general, finances and work. In 2019, young people (16–29 years) were the most satisfied with all three categories. On the scale from 0 to 10, overall life satisfaction was rated 8.1. The most satisfied were young persons in the Zasavska statistical region (8.9) and the least in the Notranjska statistical region (6.5). Representatives of the middle generation (30–49 years) rated overall life satisfaction with 7.5; they were the most satisfied in the Gorenjska statistical region (7.8) and least in the Pomurska statistical region (7.2). The elderly population of Slovenia (50 years or older) was the least satisfied with their finances (5.9); the least satisfied were in the Pomurska statistical region (5.3) and the most in the Osrednjeslovenska statistical region (6.4).

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