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Stat'o'book – Statistical Overview of Slovenia 2020

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia prepared a new edition of Stat’o’book. What does it bring? Data from all 21 domains of the Statistical Office, more than 30 infographics, lots of colors, almost no text and a redesigned cover.

  • 4/21/2020
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In the new edition of Stat'o'book, some more interesting or important sections from each of the twenty-one areas of official statistics are presented; mostly in the language of form and color. Below, only an excerpt is presented, while the entire publication is available in the pdf version.

Some inforgraphics extend over two pages, so we recommend that you adjust your computer to viewing two pages at a time. We recommend that you do so by downloading the Stat’o’book to your computer and opening it in Adobe Acrobat Reader, where a two-page view has already been selected for you.

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