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Notice of SURS's operations during the coronavirus period

Two more changes in release dates

The impact of COVID-19 on our economy and society can be monitored in our releases. We are also publishing some changes in release dates. 

  • 6/19/2020
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After the declared end of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic in Slovenia on 1 June 2020, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia is still facing some difficulties in data collection, checking and processing. The quality of data is extremely important for us, which is why we are taking care that the published statistics continue to be of the highest possible level.


The impact of COVID-19 on our economy and society can be monitored in regular and new releases on our website. In the Release Calendar we inform our users about planned releases and record possible changes in release dates. 

The following releases have been postponed: 
  • 15. 7. 2020: Performance of enterprises by activity, Slovenia, 2019 (originally planned for 24. 6. 2020)
  • 15. 9. 2020: Public Sewage system, Slovenia, 2019 (originally planned for 14. 7. 2020)

The releases listed below also had to be postponed. Unfortunately, at the moment we are not able to determine new release dates. You will be informed about them subsequently. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • 1. 10. 2020:  Commercial property price indices, Slovenia, 2nd quarter 2020
  • 1. 7. 2020:  Commercial property price indices, Slovenia, 1st quarter 2020
  • 28. 5. 2020: Commercial property price indices, Slovenia, 2008-2019
  • 2. 4. 2020: Tourist arrivals and overnight stays, detailed data, Slovenia, 2019

The quality of the published data can be monitored in methodological materials

When publishing statistical data, we are regularly updating the corresponding metadata in methodological explanations and quality reports. Please pay attention to methodological notes in individual releases and to notes in the SiStat Database, where we are informing you if the published data are less reliable. 

We will continue to monitor and analyse the impact of the current situation on statistical data while exploring the possibility of using additional sources to improve data quality.


We are aware that in the current circumstances the operation of some of our partners reporting us your data is still disrupted. To be able to provide the data showing the impact of COVID-19 on our economy and society, it is vitally important that you continue to send us your data. 

We also ask all selected persons receiving written invitations to participate in our surveys to respond to our request. Only with your cooperation will we be able to provide high-quality data.

Help and additional information is provided constantly via email:


We will continue to answer data inquiries during the office hours (Monday−Thursday: 9.00−15.30, Friday: 9.00−14.30) without interruptions electronically via gp.surs@gov.si

Communication with the media is also provided electronically via pr.surs@gov.si

Visit our SiStat database.