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Exports and imports of goods, Slovenia, January 2020

Exports and imports in January 2020 higher than in January 2019

In January 2020 Slovenia exported 10.6% more goods and imported 5.2% more goods than in January 2019. The growth was mostly a result of increased trade with EU non-member countries.

  • 3/11/2020
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  • provisional data
Value of external trade in January 2020 higher than in January 2019

Slovenia exported goods worth EUR 3.0 billion and imported goods worth EUR 2.8 billion in January 2020. The exports and imports were higher than January’s exports and imports in the recent years; January 2019 exports were exceeded by 10.6% and imports by 5.2%. Compared to the average values of monthly exports and imports in 2019, the value of exports in January 2020 was 6.8% higher, while the value of imports was 2.1% lower.

The January 2020 surplus was the seventh consecutive January surplus in external trade and also the highest at EUR 207.4 million. The export/import ratio in January 2020 was 107.5%.

In January 2020, external trade with EU Member States lower, with non-member countries higher than in January 2019

Slovenia recorded a decline in external trade with EU Member States. Exports to these countries in January 2020 were lower by 0.8% and imports from them by 2.2% compared to January 2019. In January 2020 the value of exported goods amounted to EUR 2.0 billion and of imported goods to EUR 1.9 billion. In trade with the EU Member States in January 2020 Slovenia generated 68.0% of all exports and 68.9% of all imports.

In January 2020 Slovenia recorded growth in trade with non-member countries at exports and at imports. Exports and imports were both by more than 25.0% higher than in January 2019 (exports were higher by 46.4% and imports by 26.5%). Slovenia’s exports to EU non-member countries in January 2020 amounted to EUR 954.5 million and imports to EUR 862.6 million. In the trade in goods with this group of countries, Slovenia generated a surplus of EUR 91.9 million. Growth of trade in goods with this group of countries was most affected by increased trade with Switzerland.
Monthly values of exports and imports, Slovenia
Monthly values of exports and imports, Slovenia
Source: SURS
Exports and imports of goods, Slovenia
I 2020I 2020
I 2019
1,000 EURindex
EU non-member countries954,502146.4
EU non-member countries862,619126.5
Trade balance207,381-1)
Exports as % of imports107.5-1)
1) Not applicable.
Source: SURS
Monthly data for 2020 are provisional. With each First Release the data can be corrected and completed with new data. Final data for 2019 will be published on 15th of June 2020 and final data for 2020 in June 2021.

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