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  • 2/12/2020
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Winter holidays begin next week. In the first week for about 144,000 pupils and in the second week for about 116,000 pupils.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you if there will be enough snow for skiing during the winter holidays. However, we can assure you that sitting at home and searching on your computer is not always a bad choice, especially if you click on interesting data and learn something new.

Click on STAGE and you will find out:

- That the most conscientious as regards brushing their teeth were residents of the municipality Trzin. 75% of the population aged 25–74 in Trzin were regularly brushing their teeth. On the other end of the spectrum was the municipality Osilnica. Fewer than 30% of the population aged 25–24 in Osilnica were regularly brushing their teeth.

Share of population (25–74) regularly brushing their teeth, Slovenia, municipalities, 2016

Source: SURS

- That in 23 Slovenian municipalities there were no children and adolescents with asthma.

Asthma in children and adolescents (aged 0–19), Slovenia, municipalities, 2016

Source: SURS

- That the share of elementary school children and adolescents (aged 6–15) who had reached an adequate level of physical fitness was the highest in the municipality Žiri (56%) and the lowest in the municipality Kuzma (44%). 

Physical fitness index of children, Slovenia, municipalities, 2016

Source: SURS

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