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October Excessive Deficit Procedure Report, Slovenia, 2015–2018, forecast 2019

Eurostat confirms: general government surplus in 2018 remains as published in September (0.8% of GDP)

At the end of the October EDP notification Eurostat confirmed SURS’s data on main aggregates of the general government for 2015–2018. The data published by SURS on 25 September 2019 remain unchanged. Within the October EDP report we are releasing also forecast for 2019 of the Ministry of Finance.

  • 10/18/2019
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After the conclusion of the regular EDP notification in October 2019, the second estimate of the general government deficit and debt in 2018 remains the same as already published in September 2019. Government surplus in 2018 is estimated at EUR 353 million or 0.8% of GDP. Government debt is estimated at EUR 32,223 million or 70.4% of GDP. Data for the previous years (2015–2017) also remain the same.

Within the October EDP report there is also the forecast for 2019 prepared by the Ministry of Finance: government surplus in 2019 is to amount to EUR 391 million EUR or 0.8% of GDP. Government debt at the end of this year is estimated at EUR 31,962 million or 66.3% of GDP.

Please notice that Eurostat's Press Release with the government deficit and debt figures for the euro area and EU28 will be published on 21 October 2019.
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