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St. Martin's Day

From vine to wine

There are three wine-growing regions in Slovenia, which are divided into nine wine-growing districts, where ​​30,210 winegrowers cultivate ​​15,839 hectares of vineyards, annually producing almost 626,000 hectolitres of wine.

  • 11/6/2019
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Each of the three wine-growing regions designs its own wines. The diversity of the Slovene landscape enables this sense of the Slovene space, rich viticulture, and winemaking traditions – all enshrined in the French term terroir – to be expressed in every drop of our wines. Part of the winemaking tradition is the St. Martin's Day, which is celebrated on 11 November, and when, proverbially, must turns into wine. To this day, however, there is a long way, which is traversed every year by 30,210 Slovenian winegrowers.

This way starts in Slovene vine nurseries that cover 82 hectares and where vine grafts are cultivated into vine saplings that find their place in one of the 49,500 vineyards in Slovenia.

According to the latest data on expected yields of late crops, fruit and grapes as of 5 September 2019, Slovenian winegrowers are expected to produce about 108,300 tonnes of grapes in 2019. The yield of white varieties is estimated at 75,600 tonnes and the yield of red varieties at 32,700 tonnes. The grape harvest in 2019 is expected to be 15% lighter than the record harvest in 2018, but heavier than the 2017 harvest, the data on which were used in the graphical presentation. The data show that we can expect a good grape harvest and thus a good wine harvest, which deserves its own holiday this year as well.

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