European Statistics Day

Better data. Better lives. European Statistics Day 2019

Better data. Better lives. This is the slogan statisticians like to point out on 20 October when we celebrate the European Statistics Day. On that day we particularly emphasise the importance of official statistics for business and private lives.

  • 10/17/2019
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A treasure of data for 75 years 

Following its vision of a society in which decisions are made based on reliable information and implementing its mission to provide high-quality data, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) is setting high goals. We strive day after day to improve the work process, gain new knowledge and experience, and strengthen good relationships, which, we hope, reflects in the quality of our results. 
For 75 years SURS has been striving to be better, to provide better data to its users and to provide them the opportunity to create better lives for themselves and others by using our data in private and/or business lives. 
Many things have changed in these 75 years. For years we were conducting field censuses, while today were are linking registers. The data used to be published in the printed Statistical Yearbook, while today over a billion data items are available in our online SiStat Database. Users had to visit us to get the data they needed, whereas now we find our users where they are: in their offices, living rooms, on buses. For almost 75 years data were primarily associated with tables. Now this is no longer the case, since we are breaking the stereotype with various infographics and other visualisations. However, some things have not changed in these 75 years. We still need you as users and as data providers. We need you to report your data, which we can then convert into applicable format and publish on the channel that suits you best. And we also need you to use our data, since data are never an end in themselves. 

Statistically Speaking – an exhibition of infographics

To show what stories on Slovenia and its residents can be presented by official statistics, at its 75th anniversary SURS prepared an exhibition of infographics at the Krakovski nasip embankment in Ljubljana entitled Statistically Speaking. The exhibition was already on display from 19 August to 2 September 2019. You are invited to visit it between 17 October and 19 November 2019. The visit may not make your life better, but it can brighten your day as you will be able to find fun facts in the presented material. 

Young statisticians

Statisticians believe that the future of the world is in the hands of young people, so we are particularly interested in convincing them that better data can lead to better lives. For the third consecutive year we are organising the European Statistics Competition for upper secondary school pupils with which young people develop their statistical literacy skills and are informed about the work of data analysts, in the opinion of the Harvard Business Review the sexiest job of the 21st century. From 21 October we will be collecting competition applications on our website

Come visit us on 12 November

Those of you who think that working with numbers is boring, dry and routine are invited to visit us at the Statistical Office on 12 November 2019 when we will present our activity at the Open Doors Day. Applications will be collected on our website from 28 October on. Of course, everyone – including those of you who know statistics and the work of statisticians well – is invited. 

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