Fiscal Burden of Taxable Persons by Taxes and Social Contributions, Slovenia, 2018

Total general government fiscal revenues in 2018 7.2% higher than in 2017.

Revenues from taxes amounted to EUR 10,066 million in 2018 (7.4% more than in 2017) and from social contributions to EUR 7,218 million (6.8% more). The highest tax growth was recorded in corporate income tax and among social contributions in employers’ social contributions.

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Revenue from income and wealth tax 11.7% higher than in 2017

In 2018, revenue from income and wealth tax was EUR 3, 588 million, or 11.7% more than in 2017. The largest share of this growth was contributed by taxes on household income (i.e. income tax), which amounted to EUR 2, 439 million in 2018, which is EUR 251 million or 11.5% higher than in the previous year. Corporate income tax revenues amounted to EUR 886 million, which is EUR 122 million (16.0%) more than in 2017.

Households contributed the most to the increase in general government revenues from social contributions

Revenues from social contributions increased by 6.8% compared to the previous year amounting to EUR 7, 218 million. This increase was mainly due to revenue from real social contributions by households, which was 6.4% higher in 2017 and amounted to EUR 4, 490 million. In comparison with 2017, employer's contributions also increased, by 7.4% to EUR 2, 728 million.
Social contributions by households accounted for 62.2% of total social contributions, while employers' social contributions represented a 37.8% share

The share of tax revenues in gross domestic product compared to previous years

Compared to previous years, in 2018 the share of all tax revenues (taxes on production and import, current taxes on income, wealth, etc., and capital taxes) of Slovenia in relation to gross domestic product was 22.0%. The share of tax revenues in gross domestic product was the lowest in 2009 at 21.7% and the highest in 2005 at 24.0%.

Government revenue from personal income tax and corporate income tax, mio EUR, Slovenia
Government revenue from personal income tax and corporate income tax, mio EUR, Slovenia
Source: SURS
Main categories of taxes and social contributions by ESA 2010, Slovenia
mio EUR
Total1) 13,82313,73514,15014,64215,27016,12617,284
  Total tax receipts7,9497,9708,2878,5418,9229,36810,066
  Taxes on production and import5,2205,4225,5845,7315,8896,1426,467
  Current taxes on income, wealth, etc.2,7192,5402,6932,8013,0213,2133,588
  Capital taxes1081010121211
  Social contributions5,8745,7655,8636,1016,3486,7587,218
Total1) 38.137.737.637.737.837.537.8
  Total tax receipts21.921.922.
  Taxes on production and import14.414.914.814.714.614.314.1
  Current taxes on income, wealth, etc.
  Capital taxes0.
  Social contributions16.215.815.615.715.715.715.8
1) Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
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