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O Mary, there are 55,000 Marijas in Slovenia!

Marija is the most common female name in Slovenia and in all the Slovenian statistical regions. The name was the top female name among women born until 1969. Nowadays Marija is a woman with on average almost 70 years of age. Yet, Marija appears also in 10 combined male names in Slovenia.  

  • 8/12/2019
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At the beginning of 2018, the name Marija was stated in the personal documents of 55,000 women in Slovenia, while in their everyday lives they are beyond doubt often called with at least  one of the following name variations: Micka, Marička, Mica, Meri …

Marija is the most common female name in Slovenia. Namely, every 19th female in Slovenia is Marija. At present, Marija is a 70-year-old lady.

Maria, in the forefront until 1969
The number of women named Marija diminishes by about 1,700 every year. In 2010, there were 69,000 Marijas, about 14,000 more than in the beginning of 2018. From 1971 to the beginning of 2018, the number of women named Marija diminished by 87,000. Eventhough the number keeps decreasing, the name is so numerous that probably no change is to be expected in the near future on the list of the most common female names.

Marija was the top female name among girls born until 1969. In the beginning of 2018, every fifth woman aged 78 or more (born until the beginning of World War II.) was named Marija.

Among women born between 1941 and 1950, Marija was every 7th woman, among those born in the 1951–1960 period she was every 12th, and among those  born in the 1961–1970 period every 23rd. This was also the period when the name Marija ranked first for the last time.

Mrs. Marija and Miss Maša
The 1970s represented a big break in the tradition of naming children. The name Marija dropped to rank 21 and names that were among the Slovene population far less commonly known appeared on the list of the most common names.

From the 1970s on, instead of Marija other shorter variations of this name became popular, such as Maja, Mojca, Maša. According to one of the explanations, all these names are derived from the name Marija. Thus the name Maja was the most common name in the 1980s, Mojca was the third most common name in the 1960s and 1970s, and Maša was the 10th most common name among girls born after 2010.

After independence of Slovenia, between 9 and 26 girls named Marija are born annually. Since 2011, all together 108 were born, and among girls younger than 7 years every 660th was Marija.

The most common name in all statistical regions
The name Marija was also the most common name in all Slovene statistical regions, but the differences among regions are significant. At the beginning of 2018, the share of Marijas among all women was the highest in Pomurska (7.9%); every 13th woman was named Marija.
The lowest was the share in the Obalno-kraška region (3.5%), on average every 29th woman in that region was Marija.

Marija in the combined names
Marija was, as mentioned, the most popular female name by the end of the 1970s. To distinguish among them, combined names were introduced, namely with the name Marija as a first or as a second name. The name Marija appeared as first or second name in nearly 1,000 combined names. Among the top 100 combined names, the name Marija was part of 76 combined names. The most common combined name ever was Ana Marija, the second Marija Magdalena, and the third Marija Ana.

In the beginning of 2018, Marija appeared also as the second name in 10 combined male names.

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