Consumption of mineral fertilizers, Slovenia, 2018

The third year of small changes in the quantity of mineral fertilisers used in Slovene agriculture

In 2018 the total consumption of mineral fertilisers amounted to 129,000 tons or 1% less than in the previous year. The quantity of main plant nutrients increased by 1%. The same increase was recorded for the estimated average usage of main plant nutrients per hectare of utilised agticulture area.

  • 8/21/2019
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It is estimated that in 2018 about 129,000 tons of mineral fertilisers were available to or used by agricultural producers in Slovenia (1% less than in 2017). The fertilisers contained 47,582 tons of main plant nutrients or 1% more than a year before.

Considering these data, in 2018 the utilised agriculture area was fertilised on average with 57 kg  of nitrogen plant nutrient (N) per hectare, 19 kg of phosphorus plant nutrient (P2O5) per hectare and 23 kg of potash plant nutrient (K2O) per hectare.

This means that the total quantity of used phosphorus plant nutrient (P2O5) was about 9,132 tons or almost the same as in 2017. The consumption of both the nitrogen plant nutrient (N) with about 27,293 tons and of the potash plant nutrient (K2O) with about 11,157 tons was up each by about 1%.

Agriculture consumption of macro plant nutrients from mineral fertilisers, Slovenia
Agriculture consumption of macro plant nutrients from mineral fertilisers, Slovenia
Source: SURS
Consumption of mineral fertilisers and macro plant nutrients in agriculture, Slovenia, 2018
        Total consumption        Consumption per hectare
of utilised agricultural area
Mineral fertilisers128,76998.727099.5
Macro plant nutrients1)47,582100.6100101.4
  nitrogen (N)27,293100.857101.6
  phosphorus (P2O5)9,132100.019100.5
  potassium (K2O)11,157100.823101.7
1) Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
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