Activity of museums and galleries, Slovenia, 2018

In 2018, museums and galleries prepared 1,446 exhibitions and about 39,700 educational events

In 2018, museums and galleries prepared 1,446 exhibitions; they were attended by more than 2.7 million visitors – on average about 7,500 persons per day.

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Over 2.7 million visitors at museum and gallery exhibitions

In 2018, there were 1,446 exhibitions in museums, museum collections and galleries, of these 245 permanent and 1,202 temporary ones. The exhibitions were seen by  2,733,597 persons (of whom 29.9% were foreigners); on average 1,890 visitors per exhibition (of whom on average 550 were children and youth). In 2017, there were 1,486 exhibitions that were attended by 3,161,866 visitors or on average 2,128 visitors per exhibition (of which on average 639 were children and youth).

In 2018, museums and galleries earned nearly EUR 3.5 million from the sale of tickets, and the visitor paid on average EUR 4.02 (in 2017: EUR 4.28)  per each exhibition ticket. However, there were some free of charge visits to museums and galleries: according to our data over 614,400 (in 2017: 519,300) free tickets were issued as well.

Exhibitions in tours

In 2018, the Slovenian museums and galleries offered their own exhibitions also to other institutions: with the most exhibitions they were touring elsewhere in Slovenia (305 exhibitions), while 66 exhibitions were hosted in other EU Member States and 27 exhibitions outside the EU. In 2017 exhibitions on tour decreased by about 14%, but shares according to the geographical area were similar: 76% tours took place in Slovenia, 17 or 18% in other member states of the EU and 6 or 7% in countries outside the EU.

Wealth held in museums and galleries

In 2018, museums, museum collections and galleries in Slovenia held 7.7 million museum or gallery works and objects, 58.2% of these were inventoried. Most of them, 40.6%, were visual and art objects (including photographs); photographs represented more than 93.9% of visual objects. The results also show that the process of recording, documenting and inventorying museum objects can, to some extent, change the classification of objects by type compared to the previous year; in 2018, for example, such a reclassification of a significant number of photographs was made and these are now declared as historical museum objects.

In 2018, museums and galleries acquired the most items by donations (in 2017 with purchase), 92.7% of all items, the rest were acquired by archaeological excavations, legacies or otherwise. Museum and gallery workers estimate that the total value of purchased and redeemed objects in 2018 amounted to approximately EUR 5.6 million  (in 2017: about EUR 1.3 million).

Educational role of museums and galleries

Museums and galleries also prepared for visitors various workshops, guided tours, interactive programs, lectures, etc. In 2018, in Slovenia 39,747 such events were prepared, attended by more than 965,000 persons, of whom over 54% were children and youth.
A more detailed overview shows that in the offered program, 63.3% of the offered events were general and special guided tours, followed by workshops (16.6%), interactive programs (11.5%), lectures (3.8%) and others (4.8%). Museums and galleries increased the offer of interactive events the most: from 3,925 in 2017 to 4,554 in 2018.

Besides educational activities, the museums and galleries also  held a congress or similar activity in 2018 (11 museums or galleries), had a museum’s shop (56), published their own publications (53), had a restaurant or snack bar (4), offered the premises for rent (40), and performed also other activities (13).

Museum and gallery personnel

In 2018, in Slovenia 1,028 employees and 2,028 external associates worked in museums, museum collections and in galleries. 13.8% of all persons employed were aged under 35 and most of them (925) had full-time employment. Among the external associates, the majority were students (32.3%), followed by authors with copyright contracts (25.4%), volunteers (13.8%), the self-employed in culture (9.8%), sole proprietors (9.3%), etc.

Access for physically, visually and hearing impaired

In Slovenia in 2018, among 93 museums and galleries there were 32 with access arranged for physically impaired persons, and 49 had it partly arranged. The access of visually and hearing impaired persons was arranged only in 6 of these institutions, and it was partly arranged in 40, while in the remaining 47 museums and galleries an adequately provided access for these persons was not offered.

Financing of museums and galleries

The breakdown of revenues in museums and galleries – in total EUR 51.7 million in 2018 – was: 81.9% from public resources, 17.2% from own resources, and 1.0% from sponsors from Slovenia and other countries. As regards public resources, museums and galleries received most revenues from the state budget (60.7% of total revenues), followed by revenues from municipal budgets (17.8%) and EU funds (3.3%).


Museums' and galleries' works and objects, Slovenia, 2018
Museums' and galleries' works and objects, Slovenia, 2018
Source: SURS
Museums' and galleries' works and objects, Slovenia
Works and objects - total6,922,2947,729,6077,679,177
  in inventary book4,508,9104,772,1324,466,554
Acquired and purchased objects - total91,133366,148192,429
  purchased works and objects15,751327,7844,833
  purchased works and objects of living authors3736888
  archeological excavations (inventory objects only)3,7025,321631
  legacy and other8,5768,8448,492
Value of purchased acquired works and objects (in EUR)2,763,2811,292,2845,655,924
Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
Exhibitions and attendance, Slovenia
Exhibitions - total1,2891,4861,446
  temporary exhibitions9861,2011,202
  permanent exhibitions304284245
Attendance - total3,236,5043,161,8662,733,597
  children and youth866,977949,877795,323
Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
Educational programs in museums and galleries, Slovenia
ProgramsAll visitorsChildren and youth
Educational programs - total37,17739,40439,747876,957912,489965,162492,640544,243521,602
  guided tours (general and special)25,93725,60725,143501,516568,792526,107292,748335,173295,318
  interactive programs2,7803,9254,554103,54471,826113,37568,10659,82673,969
  lectures and discussions1,4641,7751,52248,20756,53557,3296,8894,3534,771
  other (concerts, etc.)8991,2931,92279,37469,082108,07111,69316,89714,998
Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
Employees and external associates, Slovenia
Employees - total1,0551,0721,028
  full-time jobs946968925
  part-time jobs109104103
  less than 35 years old173164142
External associates - total2,2002,2442,028
  self-employed professionals in culture360286198
  sole proprietors238288139
  agency workers and workers of limited liability companies893451
  under a work contract9190189
  under a contract for a copyrighted work472492515
Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
Revenues and expenditures of museums and galleries (in EUR), Slovenia
Revenues - total46,394,77150,784,18151,709,818
  public resources37,213,69240,638,48942,331,250
  own resources 8,522,2179,664,7088,885,217
  resources from sponsors and donators658,863480,984493,351
Expenditure - total45,996,63850,215,25950,493,673
  labour costs for employees and for external associates28,721,27829,534,46429,418,679
  direct and general expenditures for cultural activity15,439,33316,944,13817,115,897
  investment costs999,0042,157,7721,674,647
  other cost for cultural activit837,0231,578,8842,284,450
Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS
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