Demographic events, Slovenia, 2018

Average day in 2018: 54 births, 56 deaths, 78 immigrants, 37 emigrants, 20 marriages and 6 divorces

In 2018 natural increase was negative while net migration was positive (–900 and 14,928 persons respectively). Total increase was 14,028, which was 14-times the increase in 2017.

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Births peak in the summer, deaths in the winter 
In 2018, for the second year in a row more people died than were born. Natural decrease was a consequence of a higher mortality rate of persons in winter months, while positive natural increase was recorded in the summer months.

In 2018, 19,585 children were born in Slovenia, most of them in the third quarter (5,275). Among 20,485 deaths in 2018, most people died in the first quarter (5,748).
Natural increase was the highest in the third quarter: 510 more people were born than died (1.0 per 1,000 population). In the first quarter of 2018 natural increase was most markedly negative (–1,045).

Most weddings in spring-summer months
7,256 couples married in 2018 or 12.0% more than in 2017. The month with the most marriages was June (more than 1,100 couples were married). More than 1,000 couples were married also in May, August and September.

2,347 couples divorced in 2018 or 1.7% fewer than in 2017. Most divorces were recorded in the fourth quarter (631).

Net migration positive in all quarters
Net migration was positive in all quarters. In the third quarter net migration was the highest: 6,035 more residents immigrated to Slovenia than emigrated from it.

Most, 26%, internal migrations, i.e. changes of settlement of residence within Slovenia, were recorded in the third quarter of 2018. In total, 7.5% fewer internal migrations were recorded in 2018 than in 2017.

Demographic events, Slovenia, 2018
Live births19,5854,7034,8855,2754,722
Natural increase–900–1,045119510–484
Immigrants from abroad28,4555,4046,0949,7837,174
Emigrants to abroad13,5273,9553,4473,7482,377
Net migration14,9281,4492,6476,0354,797
Total increase14,0284042,7666,5454,313
Internal migration103,96127,31125,54527,40723,698
Source: SURS
Demographic indicators, Slovenia, 2018
Per 1,000 population
Live births9.59.29.510.19.0
Natural increase1)–0.4––0.9
Immigrants from abroad13.710.611.818.713.7
Emigrants to abroad6.
Net migration1)
Total increase1)
1) The values are calculated from absolute data and are due to rounding not always equal to the sum/difference of corresponding indicators.
Source: SURS
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