Port traffic, Slovenia, 2018

In 2018, passenger traffic in Slovenian ports 23% higher than in 2017

In the Port of Koper almost 4% more goods were handled than in 2017. In 2018, 108,682 cruise passengers were recorded, 55% more than in 2017.

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Fewer arrivals and departures of ships than in 2017 
In Slovenian ports in 2018, ship arrivals and departures decreased by 7% compared to 2017. In cargo ships it decreased almost by 8% and in passenger ships by 4%. 
Among the cargo ships that sailed to or from the Port of Koper, most were container ships (1,346), followed by general cargo ships (1,233), ships for the transport of liquid (323) and dry (300) bulk cargo, and specialized ships (130).

More passengers than in the previous year 
In 2018 passenger traffic in Slovenian ports was 23% higher than in 2017. In cruise ships it increased by 55%, while in passenger and other ships it decreased by 36%. In 2018, 108,682 passengers arrived on cruise ships, while on board of passenger and other ships 11,873 arrived and 12,259 departed. 
More goods handled than in 2017 
In 2018, 23 million tonnes of goods were handled in the Port of Koper, which is almost 4% more than in 2017. 16 million tonnes of goods were unloaded (almost 6% more than in 2017) and almost 7 million tonnes of goods were loaded (1% less than in 2017).

According to the type of cargo, in 2018 most unloaded cargo was dry bulk goods (41%), followed by large containers (30%), liquid bulk goods (23%), other cargo (4%) and mobile (RO-RO) units (3%). As regards loaded cargo, more than half were large containers (65%), followed by other cargo (14%), dry bulk goods (11%), mobile (RO-RO) units (11%) and liquid bulk goods (0.5%). 
Compared to 2017, transhipment of large containers increased the most (by 8%), while the volume of liquid bulk cargo decreased almost by 1%. 

Detailed data are published in the SiStat Database on SURS’s website.

Port traffic of passengers, Slovenia
Port traffic of passengers, Slovenia
Sources: SURS, SMA
Port traffic of vessels, passengers and goods, Slovenia
Vessels - total4,06692.8
Cargo ships3,61292.3
Passenger ships45496.4
Passengers - total132,814123.2
Passengers on passenger ships or other ships24,13263.8
Passengers on cruise passenger ships108,682155.3
Goods (1,000 t)
Goods - total23,127103.7
Unloaded goods16,390105.6
Loaded goods6,73799.2
1) Vessels are counted at arrivals in the port and at departures from the port.
2) Passengers on ships are counted at embarking and at the disembarking, except passengers on the cruise ships, which are counted only at disembarking.
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