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SiStat database

SURS upgraded the SiStat Database

The SiStat Database is being upgraded in order to provide the best possible user experience in accessing and using statistical data. 

  • 5/20/2019
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The first phase of the upgrade involved technical upgrade and improved usability of the database. Data can be used by anyone free of charge, which is why registration is no longer necessary. The appearance of the SiStat Database was also upgraded.

The upgrade of SiStat Database resulted in several new features, including:
  • Additional, more modern formats for saving data on the local computer (.json, .xlsx)
  • Machine reading of data (API)
  • Improved management of queries
  • Upgraded search engine that enables searching for text and codes by statistical domains
  • Searching data by using a tree structure of statistical domains
We hope the mentioned changes will help you improve the efficiency in using statistical data. If you encounter any problems, please write an e-mail to gp.surs@gov.si.

Visit our SiStat database.