International Museum Day

Museums and galleries in Slovenia organised 1,486 exhibitions and about 39,400 educational programs in 2017

Museums, museum collections and galleries in Slovenia organised 1,486 exhibitions in 2017, which were seen by 3.2 million visitors.

  • 5/14/2019
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On Saturday, 18 May, museums and galleries in Slovenia will mark the International Museum Day, which was proclaimed 42 ago by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). Every year the celebration includes an increasing number of museums; last year around 44,000 museums in 158 countries, including Slovenia. The topic of the 2019 museum day is the Future of Tradition.

Increasing attendance

Museums and galleries in Slovenia organised 1,486 exhibitions in 2017, 284 of them permanent and 1,201 temporary. The exhibitions were seen by almost 3.2 million visitors, 27% of them foreigners.

In the past three decades the number of museum and gallery exhibitions has been mainly increasing. Attendance has increased even more. This is confirmed by the following indicators referring to three selected years: 1991, first year of independence, 2004, year of EU accession, and 2017, latest data:

Free admission

Museums and galleries earned almost EUR 5 million by selling tickets in 2017. A visitor paid on average EUR 4.30 per visit. However, not all visitors had to pay for admission. According to our data, museums and galleries issued over 519,000 free tickets. The International Museum Day and the summer museum night were two such occasions.

Wealth of museums and galleries

Museums, museum collections and galleries stored over 7.7 million exhibits in 2017: almost 62% of them were inventoried. Compared to 2016, the number grew by 11%.


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Educational events in museums

Many museums and galleries organise various workshops, guided tours, interactive programs, lectures and discussions, etc., for children as well as for adults. Here are the data for 2017, when over 39,400 educational events were attended by about 912,500 people.


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Museum staff

In 2017, 1,072 people were working in museums, museum collections and galleries. In addition, there were 2,244 external associates. Just over 15% of the employees were less than 35 years old and the majority of them (968) had full-time jobs. Most of the employees (59%) were professionals (curators, conservation specialists, guides, exhibit designers), followed by technical staff and by management and administrative staff.


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In 2017 labour costs for employees amounted to EUR 25.6 million (on average EUR 1,994 per employee), while labour costs for external associates amounted to about EUR 3.9 million (on average 1,730 per associate). Employees in the occupational group covering archivists and curators earned on average EUR 2,103 gross per month, while associate professionals in galleries, museums and archives earned on average EUR 1,513 gross per month.

Financing of museums and galleries


The breakdown of revenues in museums and galleries – in total EUR 50.8 million in 2017 – was: 80% from public resources, 19% from own resources from cultural and other activities and 1% from sponsors from Slovenia and other countries. As regards public resources, museums and galleries received most revenues from the state budget (59% of total revenues), followed by revenues from municipal budgets (19%) and EU funds (2%).

Access for all

In 2017, 57% museums and galleries had partly arranged access for physically impaired persons and 33% of these institutions had fully arranged access for them. As regards access for visually and hearing impaired, museums and galleries are far from this level: 3% of them had fully arranged access, 45% had partly arranged access and 52% had no arranged access.



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