Energy supply, Slovenia, 2018

Energy dependency of Slovenia in 2018 was at 47%

Domestic energy resources covered 53% of domestic energy needs; petroleum products were entirely imported. 

  • 5/15/2019
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  • provisional data

Total amount of domestic energy sources in Slovenia in 2018 was 3.6 million toe (=150 PJ), which is by 2% less than in 2017.

In 2018, Slovenia met 53% of domestic energy demand with domestic energy resources. The rest of the energy was supplied from imports; the entire quantities of petroleum products and natural gas were imported.    

In the structure of supplied energy in 2018, too, petroleum products prevailed with 33%, followed by nuclear energy with 22%, renewable energy sources (including hydro energy) with 18%, coal with 16% and natural gas with 11%.

Energy Supply, Slovenia, 2018
Energy Supply, Slovenia, 2018
Source: SURS
Final data on annual energy statistics for 2018 will be published on 10 October 2019.
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