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International Beer Day

Beer exports up by 20% and hop exports by 17%

Since 2007 the first Friday in August has been celebrated worldwide as the International Beer Day, a day dedicated to all beer lovers, brewers, hops producers and pub owners.

  • 8/1/2019
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According to the Slovenian National Institute of Public Health, in 2017 a person in Slovenia aged 15+ consumed on average about 92 litres of beer. The data on registered alcohol consumption (in beer) per capita in Slovenia are calculated from the data on industrial production, import, export and stocks of alcoholic beverages. 

Production and trade 

In 2018, beer production was the main registered activity in 61 enterprises in Slovenia. Their number has been growing rapidly since 2010, when there were 13 such enterprises.


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In 2018 beer exports exceeded beer imports. EUR 34.1 million of beer was exported from Slovenia and EUR 28.5 million was imported to Slovenia. Compared to 2017, beer exports went up by almost 20%, while beer imports went down by 3%. The largest quantities of beer were exported to Croatia (30%), followed by Italy (21%) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (19%), and imported from Austria (40%), followed by Croatia (19%) and Czechia (10%). 
In 2018 beer trade in Slovenia was the liveliest in May, June, July and August. As regards exports, 52% of total beer exports were generated in these months (mostly in June). As regards imports, 44% of total beer imports were generated in these months (mostly in May).


In a restaurant or pub in Slovenia half a litre of beer cost on average EUR 2.79 in 2018. In shops half a litre of Slovenian beer cost on average EUR 0.89. 


On almost 1,700 hectares of land Slovenia produced 3,078 tons of hops in 2018, which was the best result since 1998 and a 43% increase from a year earlier. The only two hops producers in the EU larger than Slovenia are Germany and Czechia. 


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Slovenia exports much more hops than it imports. In 2018 exports amounted to more than EUR 26 million and imports to EUR 2.1 million. About half of the hops were exported to Germany, 16% to China and 10% to the United Kingdom. 

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